We protect the women's rights across the digital environment

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Violence against women has jumped online.

At WDR, we are working to put a stop to it

“For a safe, free and independent life for all women also on the Internet”

What we can do for you

We are a private entity with a social purpose, of international scope and based in Barcelona, dedicated to protecting the rights of women in the digital environment through technological tools, advice, accompaniment and training.

We offer immediate solutions, removing and neutralising unwanted content or content that violates women’s rights, and we provide strategies to enable them to use the Internet more safely and to defend themselves against conflicts or harassment.

We are concerned about social invisibility and the lack of institutional and legal response. For this reason, we collaborate with agents and groups working in the field of women from different perspectives, such as law, technology and gender inequality, participating in research, dissemination and awareness-raising projects.

For a free, safe and independent life for all women in the digital environment.

Your digital life under control