Remove video or photo

Price per unit and URL



  • You only pay if the photo or video has been deleted
  • We remove photos and videos from Google, websites or social media results

Remove news, web page or data

Price per unit and URL



  • You only pay if the news item, web page or data has been has been removed
  • We remove information from Google search results, websites and social networks

WDRI Alert

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  • Keyword pricing and weekly analysis

Pricing questions

Indeed, the prices shown already include VAT.

We refund the money advanced by the client. The client has total guarantee of success. Before starting to work we sign a contract, which details the refund if there are no results in the elimination.

Absolutely, as long as there is a legal basis that allows it. We do not act as hackers. WDRI is a combination of lawyers and technology that can legally remove content from the Internet, quickly and inexpensively.

The average time to remove personal data, insults, threats, extortion, photos and videos is less than 72 hours. News usually takes several days.