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Do you want a video or an image of yourself to disappear from the internet?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Has your personal information been published on the Internet and you want it to disappear? We can help you

We locate the photo or video and de-index it from Google and other search engines. The photo or video will no longer appear to anyone searching for information about you.

Yes, our removal tool allows you to remove photos and videos from all existing social networks.

We will refund your money. If we are unable to remove the photo or video, we will refund the money paid. We only charge if we manage to remove the video from Google, social networks or the websites you have indicated.

Yes, we can remove your photo or video if your identity is being impersonated or your image is being used for someone else’s Facebook profile.

Yes, with the appropriate legal authorisation you can request the deletion of videos and photos of your family members.

Yes, we can remove photos and videos from other people’s Instagram profiles if you appear on it or if any of your rights are infringed.

With our continuous monitoring system we detect republishing of previously deleted videos and photos. Our WDR Alert system detects any new publication.

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