We remove insults and threats

Have you received insults or threats on the internet and want to remove them?
We can help you

We remove insults and threats that violate your rights legally, quickly, safely and economically.

You only pay if we delete the information

We remove your information published on the Internet

Frequently Asked Questions

Has your personal information been published on the Internet and you want it to disappear? We can help you

We locate insults, threats or fake news and de-index it from Google and other search engines. This means that the content no longer appears to anyone searching for that information.

In addition, we permanently remove unwanted content from the website or social network that hosts it. If removal is not possible due to legal impediments, we apply alternative techniques.

Yes, we can remove any content that is posted on the Internet that infringes your rights.

Yes, but you can only remove illegal content. Opinions, comments or descriptions of facts that are in accordance with the law cannot be removed.

Absolutely, as long as there is a legal basis to do so. Our technology and our legal service can legally remove content from the Internet, quickly and economically.

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