“Violence against women also strikes on Internet”

The Internet, which was born as a space of freedom, is becoming a place of violence and polarization, and women are especially suffering from this “toxicity”. The complexity of management and the rapid spread of the network makes it easy for us to lose control of the content that we ourselves have uploaded. Moreover, we cannot forget that our offline rights must be equally respected online and, on the contrary, we are seeing their constant violation on the networks; and women are, as many times, at the center of the hurricane. 

The lack of knowledge of the use of networks and the abuse of third parties are the causes that make us lose control of our lives on the Internet.
With the aim of supporting women with to have a free, safe and self-determined life in the digital environment, several people with similar concerns and complementary knowledge have come together in this WDR project.


The work for equal opportunities is constant and daily in our team, which has been built on these perspectives (gender and social), but we have realized that we have to take a definitive step in the defense of women’s rights, frequently threatened by various forms of violence. The digital environment as a logical extension of other social environments, is incorporating new forms, sometimes very subtle, of violence that can become terribly aggressive and with irreversible consequences. Online harassment, threats and defamation are currently difficult to control and combat.

Aware of the consequences of having been a victim of digital harassment, and in parallel to technological development, we are consolidating a project of legal and psychological support and advice, as well as a training and dissemination plan that will reach all the latest developments in digital self-protection. Because “prevention is cure”.

Gemma Pujol, Mercedes Lafaja, Pia Nagy, Maria Schneider and Pia Mazuela helped us conceptualize the project and define its corporate identity. Thus was born Women’s Digital Rights Tech Institute (WDR), an international private entity based in Barcelona, aimed at the digital defense of women, which acts through cutting-edge technological tools, and deploys a whole project of advice, support and training. WDR offers immediate solutions, eliminating unwanted content or content that violates women’s rights, and provides self-defense strategies that allow us to use the Internet safely in the face of conflicts, violation of rights or harassment situations.

1When we talk about rights, we talk about the right to one’s own image, to honor, to be forgotten on the Internet, to online reputation, to truth, to reintegration and the right to recover one’s identity.

This is our MISSION, and to fulfill it we have state-of-the-art technology and a team with more than 10 years of experience in search, removal and documentation of content on the Internet.

For a better future

In short, we want to participate in the construction of a more egalitarian and sustainable future, and our contribution will be the digital defense of women.

We are concerned about the social invisibilization and the lack of institutional and legal response to violence against women online, so we believe it is important to generate synergies with agents and groups working in the field of women from different perspectives, such as law, technology and gender equality, and to participate in research, outreach and awareness projects.

When we refer to a more sustainable future, it is because our project aims to have a positive social impact and is guided by the following ethical principles:


Our PURPOSE, that all women enjoy a safe, free and self-determined life in the digital environment.